The Nigeria Basketball Federation has cautioned teams that the alleged Premier League Basketball Final 8 in Abuja will not serve as qualifiers for the FIBA/NBA Basketball African League in 2021.
The warning was issued after the Taskforce, whose membership was kept under wraps, invited teams to Abuja for a phony Final 8.
The action, which is not only futile, is also a clear seizure of NBBF constitutional powers by an unknown Taskforce, as evidenced by the recent FIBA letter to NBBF President Engr Musa Kida and the Nigeria Olympic Committee.
"Sadly, this is another booby trap," says NBBF President Engr Musa Kida, "that may lead to another long drawn case(s) that may disrupt the normal flow of domestic basketball in Nigeria."
"We have been here before and it is sad that many of us forget what led us to a situation where the NBBF found itself in court courtesy of the booby trap put in place by the former board to destabilize domestic basketball in Nigeria"

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Engr Kida bemoaned the fact that some employees of the Federal Ministry of Sports colluded with self-serving persons hell-bent on ruining the game in Nigeria.
"We are not prohibiting any team from competing in any competition, regardless of location. We've always wanted more games for our players, and we encourage them to participate in any competition that will help them prepare for the Final 8 "..
As a result, clubs and players have been informed that no result from any competition other than those legally organized by the NBBF board would be accepted as a ticket to any continental competition.
"No nomination whether at the club or national team level will be honored except it comes from the duly recognised Nigeria Basketball Federation board until such a time that a constitutionally binding election will be held."
In its most recent letter, FIBA emphasized unequivocally that no other entity or group of persons will be permitted to meddle with the NBBF's internal administration in accordance with its statutes.

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