Coaching philosophy defines your career advancement and success, also how your team functions in practices and competitive situations. My coaching philosophy and Methodology is the fundamentals of program; not only to guide me as a coach but also the entire staff of my team, it also sets the stage for my players in the team which leads them to assume responsibility for their actions and decisions, that encourages them to meet the expectations of the  entire team.

Passing, keeping possession is about techniques, judgement and vision. Long passing, short passing, side foot passing and crossing are all important to really sharpen players’ passing skills," I choose this philosophy, "Retieni e Passa" which is Passing and Possession Game, because is key to winning games and disorganizing opponents, One of the key moments in possession game is being able to use the ball and create goal scoring chances, It is very easy to just keep the ball and neglect the principles of attack. 

" Passing and Possession is so important and really worth spending as much time as you can on getting players reacting to having the ball and making decisions to keeping it, they can switch play when in possession and spread out to keep the ball from their opposition. When playing forward, every players must support their team mates in the next zone by making fast forward runs to receive a one touch pass back if necessary, as this makes it much easier to maintain the possession of the ball and progress through the zones.

Keeping possession is key to winning games and the football passing drills will help my new team achieve that, The best passing teams dictate the play, conserve energy, make the best of their resources and score excellent goals, joining Rangers International is Joy Unlimited for me, they have rich history in the Nigeria Professional Football League, they are a Big brand and Organized, always desire Success. 

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Speaking at a brief ceremony which took place at the club’s corporate headquarters in Enugu, Rangers General Manager, Davidson Owumi, welcomed Abdul Maikaba to the Flying Antelopes family, assured him and his team unalloyed support from the Board, Management and Staff in ensuring the club’s success as he furthers his career in the Club.

" Let me on behalf of the management, the government and good people of the state welcome you to the new challenge.
I believe that you will showcase the great quality you displayed in other club sides and the national teams; We shall give you all the support needed to ensure we celebrate at the end of the season with trophies,” 

In his acceptance speech, Coach Maikaba who was so excited for his engagement in Rangers said, "I am a happy man today, this is the day I am officially confirmed as the Technical Adviser of this great club. I want to believe, it will help me in my Coaching career and my experiences with other clubs in Nigeria in the past will be in use in Rangers to make the club a better one". I have been a fan of Rangers back in the days in Kano as a strong supporter whenever they come to play. Coach Maikaba in his words pledged thus, "it is time to contribute in the never 'say die' spirit. I will improve the brand of  Rangers International Football Club". He further stated, "I have seen in my few hours of stay in Rangers, that Rangers is the best organized club in Nigeria".

Immediately after the unveiling ceremony, the Technical Adviser and the Head Coach proceeded to Abia State to watch Abia Warriors friendly match with Rangers. The  match ended in a goalless draw.

You can log on to Coach Maikaba website on to know more about the "Retieni e Passa" Football Philosophy. 

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