The Ekiti state football association has scored another high point towards the development of football in the state by launching a database management system and ready to have  a website. 

In a statement released by the Ekiti state football association, Mr. Segun Oke, one of the Patrons of the Ekiti State Football Association who represents Oye Local Football Council on Friday set the process of capturing the biodata of all the members of affiliated organisations in the Ekiti State Football Association in motion.

The sports loving and charismatic football enthusiast paid a substantial initial part payment to the Solutions company already identified by the Ekiti State Football Association to develop a website for the football ecosystem in the state.

In his words Mr. Oke stated that "I am indeed enthused to observe with interest the recent development in EkitiFootball and I am willing to give all support that is necessary to help the system succeed in its quest to build capacity using football as a tool in our state.  Keeping records is a very important part of growing a system and this is why after my discussion with the State FA Chairman, I decided to support the project financially" 

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The Ekiti state football association Chairman Mr. Bayo Olanlege hinted that the planned website will among other things help the association to be easily discovered online; open up new possibilities as the ability to promote and market football becomes more efficient; increase credibility and visibility as the ability to get quality press coverage  becomes easier since members of the press can easily find news about the activities of the association online.

He further revealed that since players are the major assets of football clubs and their movements/transfers from one club to the other must be monitored and records kept,  biodata of all members of the affiliates of the state FA would be collated and kept. 
Coaches, referees, local youth clubs and their players and management staff shall be captured for present and future references.

The website already having biodata of members of affiliated organisations of the association shall make it easy for an electronic identification card to be provided for everyone.  The ID card would also serve as player's license to be used at match venue.

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