The Nigeria Players Union, the National Association of Nigeria Professional Footballers, NANPF has demanded the League Management Company, LMC to release its statutory funds without further delay . The demand for the release of monies due the union following promises made by the LMC Chairman Shehu Dikko since Febuarary 2017 which is  yet to be fulfilled  has become necessary to enable the Union meet its statutory responsibilites of addresing issues of Players welfare and other related matters. 

It should  be recalled that on several occasions and instances the LMC Chairman has failed to fulfiled his promises to the union, with all kinds of excuses, amongst which includes the issue of harmonisation of the two factions of the Players bodies as a pre -condition for the disbusement of the Union statutory fund by the  LMC Chairman.

Unfortunately after the harmonisation of the two factions of the Players Union through the process of integration of the National Association of Nigeria Footballers (NANF) into the National Association of Nigeria Professional Footballers ((NANPF) precisely on the 2nd of May 2017, nothing has changed 

Further more, the official signing of the proposed Collective Bargaing Agreement (CBA) between the players Union and the LMC to regulate the relations between both bodies  on the governance and welfare  of Players matters in the league, plus the  exact pecent of monies from sponsorship and other deals received by the league, due to the Players Union in line with global practice is yet to be consumated despite several meetings, agreements and interventions from major football Football and Labour stake holders,  which includes  the NFF President Amaju Pinnick and TUC President Bobboi Bala Kaigama. 

There is no doubt the LMC Chairman's  attitude and disposition on this matter continue to showcase the impression that the LMC is doing the Union a favour and therefore he is not compel to fulfil whatever promises and agreement that has been reached. To say  the Union activities and its primary responsibility of service delivery to players is almost paralysed,  is to say the least 

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As a body we have chosen the path of peace thus far asking  for our rights as representatives of the main actors laying the eggs that is producing the resources for football and the leagues,  in ensuring that the game continues to flow uninterupted.

Unfortunately the Chairman of the LMC has overstreghed the patience of the Players union, deliberatedly designed to weakened and truncate the operations of the union. If not, what do you make out of a situation. where both the NFF and the Clubs gets their shares of sponsorship monies from the LMC, except the Players Union.  

While we expect the LMC to do the needful in the shortest possible time to avoid any form of  Industrial unrest and disharmony , considering  the implications of its negative impact on our football and  the league, the Union will not hesitate to  use all possible means at its disposal to fight for its rights. At this Junction, we call for further intervention of the Nigeria Football Federation  and the Trade Union Congress  to quickly intervene on this matter. A word is enough for for the wise  

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