The Management of Rangers Intl. football Club, Enugu has commended the League Management Company (LMC) for its decisions and sanctions against Gombe United FC for breaching LMC rules during the NPFL rescheduled match day 19, game between Gombe United FC and Rangers Intl. FC Enugu at the Pantani Stadium, Gombe.

In a statement, the Rangers Management believes LMC took the right and decisive action to protect the sanctity of our League as well as to prevent the league being brought into disrepute by miscreants and unscrupulous elements in the guise of fans and supporters of Gombe United FC. It speaks volume of our collective quest to take Nigerians league to the next level in the global football family as well as protecting visiting club sides, officials and players from these hoodlums.
Rangers Management express shock and disappointment that highly placed individuals in the football fraternity should descend so low and perversed in their reaction towards an outstanding game and result that was nearly marred by overzealous and unscrupulous hooligans masquerading as Gombe United fans and supporters.
        Rangers Intl. football club being a responsible, credible and responsive club feels that there are laid down extant laws, rules and regulations stipulated and open towards addressing such frivolous, and scandalous accusations and allegations rather than resorting to smearing media campaign against Rangers Intl. FC Enugu, which is very unnecessary, irresponsible and condemnable.
 In as much as Rangers FC do not want to join issues on the media with one Gara Gombe or Gombe UTD FC it would not hesitate to take necessary action deem fit under the football laws and rules in protecting the image and sanctity of Rangers Intl. football club from such individual or club no matter highly placed in the football circle. It is fool hardy for Gombe United FC or Gara Gombe to erroneously and cowardly lay false, malicious and unsubstantiated allegations against Rangers Intl. FC or any of its officials on the guise of flimsy excuses to cover their lapses, failures, innuendoes and in capabilities. 

We see action of these elements as desperadoes and very unfortunate who will stop at nothing but lies, false hold and tarnishing image of clubs, to seek cheap and questionable popularity. Finally, Rangers Management appeals to the League Management Company (LMC) to call to order such clubs, officials and individuals who by their actions and inactions wants to bring our League into disrepute.
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