AFC Lancaster against SGFC Eagles Up in Lancaster PA  the home stadium of The Lions was  where SGFC Eagles travelled this weekend for return match.

The Lions started well with a defensive set up knowing fully well how studded the Midfield patterns of Eagles were. Amongst the starting line up for the Eagles were: Joel Isyaq, Aaron Stoval, Phil Tavares, Mohamed Jawara, Nyakeh Kamara, Reuben Asare, Obinna Iloka and few other to take on the host team.

Lancaster FC changed few additions to the teams to ensure a home victory today. Both team needed the game to stay up on the league table for the oncoming fall season. Usually The Eagles of Maryland would have dominated their opponents as normal considering the last games played both home and away.. The reverse was the emerging situation seen by all supporters of SGFC Eagles. The pressure mounted severally piercing hardly into Lancaster half for almost 18 minutes of the half which kept a mute on both fans for few minutes.

The Lancaster changed pattern and kept the wave high until the furious opponent took charge. At about 52nd in the 2nd half. The Eagles deployed TK2 game pattern  where they have 4-1-4-1 formation bringing on Uzochukwu Iloka, young lad to top the lone striking position having his support from the midfielders. The Eagles scored with this pattern and hold one to it for about 20 minutes when a header from a long throwing by Brian of AFC Lancaster lions brought an equalizer.

Both teams were cautioned as either side refused to condole defensive error that could lead to a goal margin. Both team kept the pace of ensuring ball possession. Game ended at 95th with an injury time added bringing both teams a share of the point.

So far Eagles still kept the winning tradition but still kept hold of securing a share of point in their away game. It was not a good day for Lancaster FC as they seek to win todays match at their home field. AFC Lancaster Lions have lost 2 games, drew 2 and Won 1.
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