SGFC Athletics Sports Club has secured a partnership deal with top European kit brand Select Sports.

The deal will provide the club with Football kits equipment for a season.

SELECT Sports is a sports manufacturing company that produces sports equipment. SELECT was founded in 1947 by the then Danish national football team goalkeeper, Eigil Nielsen. He was the national team’s first-choice goalkeeper and played in 28 national matches from 1940 to 1951.

According to the General Manager of SGFC Athletics, Olatoye Olawale, This deal will provide top-quality football kits and equipment from Select Sports, this will undoubtedly boost the performance and image of SGFC Athletics Sports Club. It's a significant step forward for the club's athletes and their competitive edge.

" This is something we've been working on for a very long time. Select is a strong sports brand in the European market and they saw what SGFC Athletics is doing and they feel it is going to be a good thing for them to collaborate and encourage the club in the area of Football Equipment".

" They have top quality equipment and that is why they are coming on-board as a way of encouraging football development in Africa.

They work with several clubs, most especially in Denmark, Sweden and in some parts of European countries and that is why they feel they need to have an extension in Africa. As we know they are not really strong in Nigeria".

"Our club is one of the lucky clubs in Nigeria that will enjoy this great benefits. It is a way of giving back to football development in Africa and encouraging top talent never to give up on their dreams and that is why they see this as their goals and vision which aligns with our own goals and purpose as well that is why the two teams are coming together".

"It's not something that just happened over night there have been discussion upon discussion for about eight months now and it something that should have happened last season but to one reason or the other we could not activate it so we decided to activate it now and as you can see it has started yelding profit, we hope to make it a long time collaboration and we hope to also expand it so they're coming on-board in the area of equipment but they can still do more we hope that one day we can have Select Store in Nigeria", He said.

The jersey will be launched at the SPOCS Scouting tournament holding in Ikenne, Ogun State Nigeria from the 2nd - 5th October 2023.

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