With 15 days to the much anticipated Nigeria Football Federation election and change of power of the hottest seat of the glass house, cleared presidential candidates have been more aggressive and vocal about their campaign for the election slated for the capital city of Edo State, Benin City.

Amongst the high ranking candidate and one of the favourites to emerge, the winner, Dr Christian Emeruwa who is the head of safety and security, at Confederation of African Football and was vetted and cleared as an eligible candidate for the incoming NFF election has disclosed that he has sixty-four (64) million naira budgeted for his electioneering.

Dr Chris revealed this in an interview on a radio show on Thursday morning with the Sport crew of “Sports Zone on Lagos Talks 91.3” closely monitored by an online platform Platinumnewsng 

Dr Christian Emeruwa who is among 10 other men ready to viably justle for Nigeria’s biggest footballing seat said that the amount he has budgeted that is used and would be used for his campaign for the NFF elections is approximately sixty-four (64) million naira and that amount comprises of his savings and monetary support from friends.

" Speaking on the show he said “It is an expensive venture of course because as you know we have to travel, I am speaking for myself, I mean my campaign plan, I have to get a hall a very conducive one I have to also provide accommodation for the people I am inviting to come and listen to me” .

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So, my budget basically for this whole exercise is within the region of about sixty-four million naira, when you put the travel, the flights, the hotels; I also have a team that I am working with, I have to also pay for their accommodation I have to pay for their transport, I have to pay for their flights and of course, you know the cost of aviation fuel has also hit us”.

" So you are paying quite a high amount and especially when you have to arrange meetings in some cases at a very sudden time”.

Recall that last month, Dr Christian Emeruwa who is also the head of safety and security for CAF was the first aspirant to officially declare his interest and purchase his form that would be used to contest for the presidency of the Nigerian Football Federation election scheduled for the 30th of September in 2022, The NFF election is set to go down in Benin City, Edo State all things being equal.

Recently, Dr Christian Emeruwa sounded it very clear that he is insistent on the office of the presidency after several stories flying around in recent days of him taking up a Secretary-General office, it was rumoured that he was feebly offered this office by some other candidates also running for the post of the presidency but the head of safety and security for the Confederation of African Football threw all those rumours into the garbage making it clear and well known that he is only interested in the Presidential position and nothing else.

Dr Christian Emeruwa served as the Secretary of the Security Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation from 2008 to January 2019 and also served as the NFF National Integrity Officer and Leagues Coordinator from the 1st of July 2015 to the 2nd of February in 2019 during which he introduced various changing and impactful reforms on integrity in the Nigerian Football scene
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