The management of Ottasolo FC wishes to announce to the general Public of our team Ottasolo International Football Club withdrawal from the Nigeria National League (NNL) due to loss of confidence in the management of the League Body.

According to a Press Release signed by the management, they express displeasure in that manner they were treated; As a private club, we feel our interests and rights have been abused by the so called Executive Members of the league body, especially, Mr. Emmanuel Adesanya who is running the league as if it is his personal business.

The general manager of the team, Mr. John Marley who spoke with Ottasolo FC media said," We have done our best to ensure that we continue with the league but the Nigeria National League (NNL) body has disappointed us in so many ways and they didn’t show any sign that they will improve, that is the reason we have decided to pull out of the league.

" The latest of their disappointment is to turn our 'Force Majeure Letter’ down. Despite our early notification to the league body on Saturday 25th June, 2022, when our vehicle developed a major fault en route Warri and requested that our match be rescheduled to a later date but to our greatest dismay the league body replied later through Lagos State FA as at 5pm that we should get another bus and still embark on the journey to Warri same day without considering the hazards on the Nigeria roads.

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" We expected the NNL to consider our force majeure letter because it’s our first time of requesting that our match is rescheduled but they felt we don’t worth given a second chance as they went ahead with the match (Walkover) on Sunday, 26th June, 2022 awarding three points and three goals to Warri Wolves.

" In view of the above, we considered the NNL as a body that lack credible leadership and structure. Therefore, we have decided to pull out of the league.The general manger concluded.

It is a very good experience to participate in the second tier of Nigeria League; we will always bank on it to spur us to success in our next adventure.  

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