Remo Stars Football Club (RSFC) organized a lecture on the new laws of the game on Friday, ahead of the upcoming 2021/2022 Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) season.

Calistus Chukwujekwu, a former match referee who is now a FIFA and CAF Instructor in Nigeria, led the meeting, which was held at the Remo Stars Stadium in Ikenne-Remo, Ogun State, with the players and officials of the club in attendance.

The seminar, according to Chukwujekwu, is vital for the club's players, officials, and administration to guide their conduct during the approaching 2021/2020 football season.

"Referees are very important in football because without them no successful football match can be played," he said. "It is therefore important for the players and officials to understand the very rules guiding the referees' activities in football matches."

In an interview with RSFC Media, retired match arbiter Chukwujekwu stated that the players' actions revealed that there were grey areas where they needed to be enlightened and that it was an opportunity to reveal the new parts that had been incorporated into the game's laws.

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"The questions the players asked were practical questions they have faced in various games across all competitions, they were answered and it became very clear to them why some decisions were taken by some referees."

"They've been better schooled on the most recent changes to the game's rules. The law of handball is a fantastic example of how laws change through time."

"I am so sure every one of them has gained from the seminar, the technical crew would also have gained but the only thing left is for everybody to put it into practice at every point in time during and after each game."

"At the FIFA and CAF levels, there is something called the TAM, which is a very important aspect of football" (Team Arrival Meeting).

"In every competition, there are areas the competition will want to emphasize on and they will go ahead to tell teams that this is what the referees will want to do and instructors are called to give them this information."

"I must commend Remo Stars for this seminar, they have taken the right step and I feel every club should take this bold step in educating the players and the officials before the commencement of 2021/2022 Nigeria Professional League season."

Nduka Junior, the Remo Stars captain, thanked the resource person and the club's management for putting on such an important seminar ahead of the new season and pledged that the players will adhere to it.

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