Magic Stars FC President, Kayode Agboola aka Baba Kay says he intends to make football lifestyle a better one for any player picked from the tryouts, as the player should also have an idea of his goal and when he wants to achieve it, then the club will do its utmost best to achieve this goal together with the player. The Club culture will also suit the players. 

Magic Stars FC main goal is to help football players get the most out of their football careers. This will be achieved by means of monitors and mentorship. Each of their player will receive periodic evaluations within his supervision, so that, they can closely monitor developments of players and give advice.​

Agboola also stated that, they are looking for the right mix of players that can benefit the team to reach their targets and achieve success.

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In his words," The players must be sound technically at least 60%. Techniques is an overall attribute in football, which includes your touches and fitness, passing, shooting abilities, dribbling and one-on-one skills plus many more; the way you deal with the ball is a huge factor in the game of football. 

" We are planning to play in the Nationwide League One (NLO) come this season, players coming for the tryouts have to prove to us that they are ready for the challenges ahead with their abilities and performance on the field of play, being at the right place at the right time to receive and make passes. Show to us his techniques, tactical awareness, physical attributes, competitiveness and good behaviour, because these are the attributes that can take the longest for you to learn.

" We are absolutely looking for the long term future of our club and the team, so we need to make sure that we get the best legs good enough now to make the cut but also, improve and be good enough in the future. Learning how the game works for any players should be of a high priority.

" You have to desire it, you have to show us that the fire to become an intelligent footballer is in you, make us see things like character, effort, presence, abilities to overcome bad situations and many more, We know every player want to sign with a Pro club, so show it now as the opportunity beckons."

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