Modifications was aligned by Gernot Rohr after the first leg loss to CAR in Lagos.

Tactically, in Lagos he used a back 4 and conservative with caution in moving forward similar to a 4-3-3 /4-4-2.. forensically, movement and penetration was lacking or blocked due to the compact nature of the defensive line by CAR.

Mobility wise the team was not attacking in numbers there by most times 4v8 or 5v9 situation against the CAR team..

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Super Eagles Technical crew reverted to a 3 man defence in the second leg in Douala,  signifying intent to attack and move numbers forward to attack.. formation was 3-5-2 /3-3-4/ with more fluidity moving forward with the ball formation took shape of 2-2-6/ progressively the attacking intent showed a 6v8 *7v9 at intervals when super eagles where attacking and that made the difference .

Functionally, set piece organization was well organize. Tactically, in the 2nd half the CAR team lighten there defensive structure by moving forward and at this point Rohr was suppose to bring in fresh legs from the flanks to stretch and open up channels but his changes where late.

Fans, Pundits observations might not be tutored to be right - logically it could help moving forward..

Credit: Coach Uni Dan Kakwi

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