The Chairman of the 2021 Electoral Committee, Dr. Lanre Glover, has warned that only accredited voters would be allowed within the vicinity of the polling location on Saturday, October 30th in Benin City, as the countdown to the Nigeria Basketball Federation election continues.
A member of the Electoral Committee for the previous Nigeria Olympic Committee election in Yola stated they are working closely with the NBBF Secretariat to guarantee a smooth electoral process and voting.

Glover, a four-term member of the International Handball Federation's Arbitration Tribunal, stated that established protocols will be scrupulously followed before and during the election.

"The administrative leg of the federation is the most significant item. The NBBF must accredit people, and only those who have been accredited will be allowed to participate. If you don't have credentials, you don't have a right to be there, especially journalists."

"Just like anywhere else, journalists are expected to request accreditation through their media houses."

Dr. Glover's leadership of the NBBF Electoral Committee comes with little pressure, given his years of experience as a member of many electoral committees both locally and internationally.

"There is no pressure at all because it is a straitjacket thing, except for those who don't understand association elections." I've had the privilege of chairing an Electoral Committee for the International Handball Federation, which has 186 member countries."

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The committee is unconcerned about the pre-election controversy among basketball stakeholders because they are focused on fulfilling their task of organizing the first-ever constitutionally backed election into the NBBF board of directors.

"There may be some squabbles here and there, but that is none of our concern." Our sole business is to hold elections in accordance with their statutes."

"From my personal and professional standpoints, we accept that the NBBF's statutes are valid because they have been ratified by its legislature. We also realize that the identical statutes have been adopted by the worldwide federation, implying that everything is in line," Dr. Glover said.
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