The referee added five minutes after the 90 minutes duration and played three minutes into the added time when some fans of Go Round took over affairs and encroached the pitch, As at then the scoreline was still 1-1.

In the process, goalkeeper Detan Ogundare was punched in the neck while the referee was also knocked in the face, Shooting stars cameraman were harassed, as his two video tapes were forcefully taken away from him just as they threatened to deal with any 3SC official who makes any attempt to make video recording or take photographs.

With the referee insisting that he won't continue with the remaining two minutes of the added time, officials of Go Round literarily went on their kneels, begging him to restart the match.

They also begged officials and coaching crew of Shooting Stars to allow the game to continue but Team Manager Dimeji Lawal and other officials made it known to them that the referee had the final decision for the game to continue.

While the officials were making their appeal, some fans threatened to deal with the visiting team and the match officials, if the game was not concluded or both teams share the points, they demanded for maximum three points for the home team.

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At that point, the entrance to the arena had already been locked up, so to say away team were held hostage at the stadium.

However Shooting Stars Football Club also insisted that the video tapes collected from their cameraman must be returned before the game can be restarted, that must have been the singular reason match officials decided to continue the game and added another seven minutes instead of just two minutes remaining.

Four minutes into the restart played when he awarded a controversial penalty kick  to Go Round which they converted and the centre referee surprisingly blew the final whistle immediately after the goal to end the tie 2-1 for Go-Round to claim all three points.

It was after the blast of final whistle, that the already charged atmosphere became conducive and calm, Shooting Stars were able to leave the Krisdera Hotel Stadium, Omoku, peacefully.
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