Shooting stars General Manager Rasheed Balogun has stated that league cancellation must not be an option as the discussion on how to end the league continues to generate reactions among fans and stakeholders in Nigerian football.

Balogun speaking in a chat with Brilla Sports said the idea of having the NPFL stopped without relegation or promotion of teams from the NNL should be jettisoned as this will be a great disservice to NNL clubs who have spent so much resources in preparing for the season and have continued to pay players salaries keeping their teams together in the process.

" Remember we have played some games before the lockdown, we have honoured some away games, paying bills for our fans and players, even home games we spent a lot of money and the best they could reward us with, is to cancel the league. 

" Let me also inform you, for this season we have our replica jerseys for our passionate supporters and we have not even sold 1/3 of it, we spent money importing those replicas, how do we make our profit to run the team, that is absolute inconsideration,'

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He also alleged that the plan is been masterminded by relegation threatened teams who want to use that as a means to keep their league status for next season. 

" As far as I am concerned I believe no decision has been taken yet, still a suggestion opened for deliberations, we have stopped playing since December and since December both private and Government - sponsored teams have been doing everything humanly possible to play players’ salaries.

" If they now feel, the best decision is for the league to be canceled, who wants to be responsible for these players till the beginning of next season. Do you know how much we have spent since last season preparing for this season?

Those people that are masterminding this plan is the combination of those that would be relegated from the NPFL to NNL.”

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