South African based Football Agent has reiterated that Nigerian footballers are highly sought after by European clubs, but most of these players are never honest after securing their presence in European football according to Totori News.

Mohammed Lawal revealed on Nigeria Sports Mouthpiece (NSM) WhatsApp platform interview session, the former Nigerian player, who is now a FIFA licensed agent and Intermediary in the business of transferring players to clubs in Europe and other parts of the world.

" Nigerian players are never honest. You can take a player to Europe. A player that never knew anyone before he got to Europe except you, but the moment he starts progressing, he is no more straight forward,” Lawal said.

" Some Nigerian players at their formative stage in Nigeria “He begins to play pranks. He did not know how much you worked hard to get him to Europe. He  begins to get the attention of other football agents in Europe.

" People that would not have known him if not for the efforts of the agent that took him to Europe. I wish Nigerian players are very honest and straight forward. Loyalty is one thing that is lacking with Nigerian footballers.

" Although just few of them are loyal and straightforward. These are few exceptions, but as the sayings goes, majority carries the vote. Nigerian player can be dealing with five football agents at the same time. That is a very bad situation we find ourselves in the football business.

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" I am sure most of my colleagues can attest to this, He does not matter how far you have gone with these players. I have been in this business for a long time, I have worked with big Nigerian football stars I co- managed. Most Nigerian players don’t just have the right attitude,” he concluded.

Lawal born in Kaduna, was brought up in modest surroundings. From a young age, he was already a businessman. He played football in Nigeria.

Over the years he has worked with so many players. As you know he also own a Football Academy both in South Africa and in Kaduna, Nigeria."

His best transfer is that of an Angolan player that moved from Rostov to Lazio. His name is Bastos, the biggest deal he hs brokered, as his Russian partner played a crucial role in the move."

Some of the Nigerian players under Muhammad Lawal's management are Daniel Akpeyi, Sadiq Umar, James Okwuosa,  Chukwuemeka Ihunanya, Nura Abdullahi, Alhaji Gero.

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