Micura in an exclusive interview with the media
In an exclusive interview with Micura, he talks about Super Eagles chances at the next world cup in Russia, Nigerian Professional Football League, why he would not contest for any position in glass house (NFF) and why he loves sports generally.  

In my youth days I don't really play active football. Like I said when you come from a poor background you will have limitations and that was what affected me. You need to work, you need to go to school as at that time though football was not lucrative. If it was then maybe I would have played professional football. If you look at those country that are producing best players they are also passing through the same economic hardship. In this case, you hold on to something that will take you out of poverty .

I think one of the motivational factor is growing up not having anything. When God put a smile on you the most credible thing for you to do is to make people smile. I believe that football has a great followership and that's why my interest basically is on football. If you look at the Micura street championship, am not really involved I just decided to sponsor it and everybody is looking forward to that. After the competition some people are already sure of buying rice and chicken for Christmas. The smile and the goal is to make people happy. Basically I think that is where the drive comes from.

The biggest achievement this year was our qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Also we were able to beat teams that we were afraid of, We shouldn't condemn our selves neither should start to celebrate so early. 

If you look at the history of Iceland, in the European cup we saw what they did. Argentina has become a nightmare in Nigeria football but luckily this friendly that we played will also busts the morale of the players but that jinx has been broken. I think hopefully, we stand the chance of going past the group.
I think Germany looks good to win it once more because if the you look at the crop of young players they are developing by the day, you will agree with me that they have a very good chance. Well for the African teams, obviously Nigeria will do well, most of the African teams if you look their record of qualification it shows that football has improved in the continent. At lest two African countries will be at the quarter or semi final.

Sports is just a recreation and if you look at what is happening those who are playing football don't even have dreams and aspirations for themselves but if you look at education what ever you achieve with your academic qualification, even if you don't have job nobody can take that away from you. You can pass those knowledge gotten from the school to other generation. 
We need to set sentiment apart. Anytime Nigeria succeeds, look the coaches they a foreigners. Why? Because they have no in laws, friends, brothers to help. Am not condemning anyone but am only saying that sentiment has always been the killing points of Nigerian football. You and I can see what the foreigner has achieved, its not because he went to the moon, if it were to be a Nigerian coach that is leading the team we may not have qualified. 

So I will advise him to keep doing what his doing. He needs to look at the areas we had issue like the goal keeping department, he needs to bring in goal keepers to come and compete. Am also hearing that Eyeanma is coming I will advise him not to bring him back, if he returns it may kill the morale of the players. So that's my advice for him. He should keep discovering new players.

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If you look at what was obtainable even before the Nigerian League became professional, the follower-ship was more compare to what we have now, officiating has improved a bit and its no no longer business as usual where home team must win. We've not gotten there, we can always do better, the marketing aspect is still very weak and that is why sponsorship are not coming. 

I'll also advice the government to give tax credit to companies that have football team and that will drive employment. I feel what is actually affecting Nigerian Football is lack of proper sponsor . If today government says they are given a tax credit to companies that has a football team of 30% for 4 to 5 years our football will be better. 

I think the government should concentrate more on the sponsorship aspect. They don't have any business in running sports and today if you look at most of the viable clubs in Nigeria today are own by the state government. So is either they are using it to syphon money or political campaign. They lack professionalism in management because these clubs are not run by professionals.

If you entrust power to somebody that is not prepared what that means os that you are not going to have results. Am not prepared and ready to into NFF, I will not perform and I will disappoint you in that aspect. If I am prepared, that am vying for a position in the NFF it means that I will have my manifesto . 

However, one thing you can't take away I drive the government, the National Assembly and Federal Inland Revenue Service to ensure that there is tax credit for sponsors of the local league. The number of clubs a cooperate body is sponsoring will the determine the number of years of tax rate. 

When Obama came into government in America, had to work with the bye partisan assembly to communicate to the investors that the number of citizens they employ will determine the number of tax credit they will get. So unemployed reduced. You encourage people with tax rates because this will encourage corporate bodies to invest in Nigeria sports in general.
Yes am not prepared but if eventually I am prepared the first thing I need to do is to make a bye partisan policy to ensure that we work round with the politicians, to see that companies that are sponsoring team in the National League and the Premier League get tax credit.

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