Kelechi Mbagwu President Rugby Federation
The newly elected president of Nigeria Rugby Football Federation, Kelechi Mbagwu has declared a new dawn for the gentleman's sport in the country. 

Speaking at the first ever official press conference held in Ikoyi, Lagos, since his assuming office, the consummate rugby promoter rolled out a 8 plan agenda aimed at repositioning the sport in Nigeria. 

" Some of these plans might sound grandiose, however, we want to avoid the proverbial situation of always going back to the drawing boards.

" Amongst the plans we have is to set up a functional secretariat and  get seasoned administrators to help us take the game forward," he revealed.
He also disclosed plans by his board to create an encompassing database for the game in the country, as well as, making female rugby a major priority during his tenure. 

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Mbagwu, who is the Managing Director of CMB Building Company, also a major supporter of the rugby   was particularly, effusive about the potentials of the game in Nigeria .

" We shall try our best to bring life back to the sport in different parts of the country, particularly, in the northern parts where we had the first competitive rugby tournament in the country. We shall ensure the enviable tradition attached to the game in the north is revived.

" It would be a monumental achievement if we can also get the youths in Borno to play rugby. And in this regard, we are willing to partner with the government to use rugby to help stop the restiveness," he enthused. 

He further expressed the need to get male and female kids into the game ,as well as working in tandem with the promoters of rugby football in primary and secondary schools. 
" Since the aim is to get everybody, particularly, the impressionable youths involved in the game, we are willing and ready to collaborate with the promoters of I -Try. And possibly, improve upon the working template ," he added. 

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The NRFF helmsman went further to disclose that the  federation will spread its  developmental programmes across the country, particularly, to the eastern parts of the country, as he described the average youth in the region as naturally gifted for the game. 

Continuing, Mbagwu, stated that he would not seek re-election after his tenure. Adding that such would not be necessary for the growth of the game in the country .

" I won't seek another term in office because it wouldn't be necessary. I will assure you that with proper technical and administrative  structures in place, rugby won't need me to remain in the saddle for long " he said. 

The NRFF boss remarked that the fortunes of the national rugby football team, the Black Stallions, would be boosted with unbiased selection ,as well as,with invitations extended to talented and willing Nigerians in diaspora. 
Conclusively, he thanked the sporting media for its roles in the development of the sport, while also soliciting for its continued supports in the interest of the gentleman's game in Nigeria.

Written By: Akeem Busari

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