SGFC Eagles Pep Talk
The atoms needed to come back to get a win badly and seek a qualification to be on a playoff list during the next Fall season coming in Aug 2017. The game started beautifully with strife from both teams, the environment was just perfect for SGFC Eagles as few local supporters were present to cheer the team up. 

We had less thought of loosing the match due to our winning strategy and the confidence we garnered over the last few games. The Atoms have buffed up positively their squad and that makes it difficult for SGFC players to easily penetrate. Throughout the first 15 minutes into 1st half Eagles were serving balls within their half as Atoms boys retreated avoiding not to be taken unaware by the Eagles striker. Both teams were conscious and carefully played all balls in the midfield.

Atoms secured a brilliant goal through a slide by Uche Ukoha in the box that led to penalty kick. At 42 mins Eagles were down by a goal. Atoms pushed hard and took control of the game with severe pressure on their opponents half because the midfielders were loosing the tandem of their game protocols. SGFC Eagles Coach Ocampo quickly switched formation to 4 - 5 - 1 making their midfield more cohesive.

SGFC Eagles Bench
Second half resumed with the introduction of Emmanuel Yamson for SGFC Eagles in the heart of defence line to bring more calmness and game control, Emmanuel Yamson brought simplicity and distribute all balls to his right back to build attack and keep momentum in the efforts not to concede more goals. They also adopted and sticked to the TK 2 pattern by also introducing young lad Davidson Cellidor to join the party,  Davidson speed was marvelous and consistently pushing hard into the defense line of Atoms" This pressure kept their opponents behind the balls and allow Eagles Midfield maestro Mohamed Jawara to make  marvelous moves severally to keep the pressure against Philadephia Atoms defenders. 

SGFC Eagles got the needed equaliser on 50 mins of the match through speed passes across the right flank from Erik Deleon and Chiek Bangura, creating a pass to Mohamed Jawara for a delicious finish at the back of the net.

With additional 5 minutes extra time due to injuries stoppage;  SGFC Eagles made it happen at exactly 90 mins, they drew another deep blood from Philly Atoms Net through exhilarating moves that took on 2 Atoms defenders about 20 yards away from the goal line, Celidor Davidson uncommon speed and toughness powered well and push hard on his skill using his quickness and speed to seek for the amazing and unbelievable match winner goal. 

Coach Richard Opanuga addressing his players 
It was really a good thing having him showcase his abilities and potentials in this big game and came out with a fulfilling note. He made his goal debut today scoring his 1st professional goal against Philadephia Atoms. The atmosphere is bright and lovely for all SGFC fans and it was indeed a big win away from home and coming back from a goal down with huge crowd yelling and chanting. The game humbled us and we are so proud of ourselves to have won the match despite the fact that it is our maiden experience in the League. 

SGFC Eagles are bound to travel next week Saturday to battle Mass United Fc infront of their darling supporters.

Photo Credit : MOPSON IMAGES
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