Chief Sebastine Ifeanyi Onyeka United States-based Nigerian who traveled to the state in 2004 and has a magnificent house in Boston, USA. He badged his FIFA licenced as a player agent last year to be able to achieve his dream helping young and talented footballers in Nigeria and mostl his home town in Anambra, 
Sebastine Ifeanyi Onyeka has rolled out series of initiatives aimed at helping the lot of Nigerian footballers whose dream of playing professional football abroad have being frustrated due to lack of opportunities.
Chief as he is fondly called he's the proprietor of Ozor Sports Football and Academy based in Lagos told the media in a press conference, that part of the initiatives is to collaborate with renowned football agents from Europe and Asia to help link up our local players with average clubs in European leagues and probably push them to our national teams at all levels.
Sebastine Onyeka and Serban Cakir
To make this turn reality, we have decided to work with a dutch football scout, Serban Cakir who is very familiar with Nigerian players and we believe that hose players he has picked at the just concluded Football Talents Hunt in Lagos will be a very great beginning that will launch us to greatness and proper recognition in the world o football. The Amsterdam-based Cakir is an official scout for many clubs in Europe and is in Nigeria specifically to discover talents for the next football season.
“Nigeria is a country with lot of football talents and I believe that with proper scouting, opportunities will be created for more players in Europe and that’s why I came to Nigeria on the invitation of Mr Sabastine Onyeka,” the Dutch agent said.
The Anambra State-born Onyeka would also be bankrolling a screening exercise in December in his hometown, where they hope to get best players that would be taking to Turkey for camping and grooming so we could prepare them for professional challenges as a footballer, plans in securing an apartments and a stadium to accommodate them its on top gear and hopefully that would be achieved before december, we really know how expensive that would be but i am willing to turn this a reality and let this be my own little contribution to human development and giving back to my people at home.   
Onyeka noted that his initiative is a novelty because the players would not be tasked financially in any form.
“All players that would be participating in the screening exercise will be doing so free and all players selected will be sponsored for an all-expenses paid trip to the European clubs that will need them,” he said.
He added that already a total of 8 players will be leaving for Georgia and Turkey for a one month trials with various clubs.
“Already, we have their tickets and all travelling arrangements completed. The players now have their destinies in their hands,”, he added.
He pointed out that his dream is to see Nigerian players rise again in numbers playing quality football in good leagues all over the world.
“I’ve linked up with various agents in different parts of the world trying to create opportunities for our upcoming footballers,” Onyeka concluded. 

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