SGFC Eagles Manager and Director of Operations Richard Opanuga spoke exclusively and extensively to Sportflames about soccer in America, he alerted that USA will soon get to the same structure of promotion as seen in other popular leagues around the globe.

The SGFC Eagles Coach and a soccer Icon in America envisioned a professional relegation structure. "I have a dream and my dream is that Sooner than later, MLS may end up loosing its franchise rights and be adjusted or restructured to engage in PROMOTION - RELEGATION SYSTEMS similar to English Premiership, La liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and French Lique etc.

Nurturing this vision, The Nigeria Soccer Federation studied the manner in which soccer is modulated and we concluded the highest pyramid of football may likely collapse. Looking forward to the future, our entry into the professional league under USSF Sanctioning will be an advantage to exhibit and showcase our talents. 

The SGFC Eagles Director of Operations Richard Opanuga, popularly called Zico emphasized that his team will be the first Team to play in the envisioned Relegation systems soon it commences. Evaluating the movement of young players around MLS, USL and ASL will attract european and Asian investors to support the anticipatory surge. It will be a shock! When this happens. I have this strong feelings and i trust in my Vision. American Soccer will soon embrace Promotion of teams and Relegation of teams. I believe this structure will bring about stiff competition, greater enthusiasm, more attractive to foriegn world and most importantly overseas Corporate investors will buy into the policy and makes the most likely Premier League in America.

Speaking to Sport Flames and Global Impact Sports reporter......With anticipatory spirit and belief, SGFC Eagles management and all our players signed on our team roaster will keep up with Clubs values to ensure we are part of the new structure. Says Coach "Zico".

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