Again, while coming back from the mid week training jam caused by the severe weather. 
Result couldnt be better as we had it after 90 mins today. 

Looking at experienced Coach George Gunn  who had earlier professional teaming with Philadephia Fury last season led the Atoms front line to wage war against Maryland SGFC Eagles to earn 3 points. 
As the Atoms FC from Pennsylvania State perculiarly paraded the sports arena with jingles of victory in thier Team Coach, all settled and keenly gazed at what the day would look like. Atoms Fc boys objective was not to loose this match as they lost 1st game played home last week during the season opener.

As the game progresses, SGFC Eagles changed pattern of play using a 4-1-4-1 formation which tightened and slow game down in the first 30 mins. The pattern seems easy as The Atoms were brazenly penetrating the defence line of Eagles which brought abt pressure in the first half. At 32 a breakaway against a brick wall occur against the Philadephia Atoms which led to shaking the net of Atoms. What a surprise goal as SGFC forward man Alex Adelabu carefully beat 2 defenders across the gial line pushing harder into the 18 yard box and resulted into a goal..

The Atoms were furiously aggravated and both teams find it tough to understand what strategy to adopt. Within 10 mins towards the end of the match Atoms made it a tie and forcefully disgrazed the defense line of SGFC by a pull over far side of the second post which was unreacheable for Goalie Chidi Iloka. The stretch resulted into another goal thereby putting Atoms ahead of goal lead.

At 41th a tie came in where Obinna Iloka send a long pass across to Mohamed Jawara that creeped into the midfield with strong desire to make a difference. Fast run by The MVP Tben Donnie kept the pace of pressure by his ovellaping skills to mount more pressure against Atoms...The second goal was made in by Ebere Goodluck wearing jersey #10 .

SGFC Coach Paulo Ocampo and Richard Opanuga decided changing the formation as Atoms defense line getting porus. A 4-3-3  strategy During the 52th minutes draws in pressure against Atoms thereby leading to another goal by Alex Adelabu and before the game ended Adelabu with a counter pass from Sierra Leone Ex International Nyakeh Kamara at right wing made a forceful run unto the yard 6 and push further another GOAL making a hatrick in the games.

It was amazing today and marvelous Adelabu stricker made a debut against Philadephia Atoms in a 3 goal lead of the season. 

Quick decision maker Alex Adelabu inspiring forward had been a top scorer of SGFC Eagles since 2015 while playing at Amatuer League. During his International exposures and matches in Portugal he was the highest goal scorer and same Adelabu had 7 goals in 3 appreances in NSFUSA Soccer Tournament in Texas 2015.

Fan base was quite at a time hoping the game will ended against SGFC Maryland. but all supporters was chanting Victory as they couldnt have asked for more as no changes were made from the sideline throughout the match game.  Marylader SGFC Eagles change Oladejo forward into the midfiled and replaced Mohamed Jawara in a standing attacking mid to fortify the strenght of the team. SGFC kept midfield and made matter worst for The Atoms. We noted that Atoms Fc Coach George Gunn attempted 424 pattern to enable forced our team out of possession at our half but we kept the play calmly and paced our way out with several counter attacks 

The home of Eagles in Maryland were filled with additional victory as they move up in the league games. It was a good performance as Eagles draws near and close to clearing more players at USSF sanction. The SGFC General  manager stated that "We are still expecting USSF to clear the International Transfer Clearance  ITC for 13 more players on SGFC Eagles roaster to have the team more cohesiveness. He assures our media outfit that Their next game is away 520 miles away from Home in NEW HAMPSHIRE STATE. We will have more rooms to perfect our team pattern.

He added that he want to appreciate his Coaches ( Richard & Ocampo) for making the boys good and in turn thank some his players for formidable atittude that earned them a 4-2 Victory against Philadephia Atoms FC.
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