Enugu Rangers Players
Cyril Oriaku, a member of the winning squad for Ranger International FC of Enugu at the 2015/2016 season, on Saturday said the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) was not protecting their interest enough. Oriaku stated this in Lagos that 95 per cent of the country’s clubs owe players several months of unpaid salaries. Oriaku a former Captain of Rangers has signed a two years contract with Kwara United FC.
“The problem is that there is no way you will continue playing without getting your money, almost all the clubs in Nigeria are owing.
“The NFF is not doing anything, even in the second division, the story is the same, nothing is being done to protect the interest of players.
“Imagine being owed salaries in 2013 and 2014, a player plays January to December and when he wants to go home he has to take a loan.
“If you ask them they will tell you the money has not being released.
“New government says his not going to pay those outstanding because he wasn’t in power then, where do we as players go from there,’’ he said.
He further stated that lack of sustainable structure was one of the reason the league was lagging behind compared to leagues in other African countries.
“If I had known, I would have gone to other leagues to play South Africa league treats players well.
“Look at the just concluded CAF awards, where were the Nigeria players, they didn’t make it to the final nomination.
“They think focusing on player playing in foreign league will improve our profile, when more focus should have being paid to the domestic league.
“Is Mozambique better than Nigeria when it comes to football? but take a look at the league there, well organised players are not taken for granted,” Oriaku said.
He, however, observed that players in the league also make matters worse by not maintaining a united front; even the players association could not do much.
“If players decide that we won’t play without our sign-on fees and salaries being paid, you will be surprised that some other players will play for free.
“Where does that leave you as a player, you cannot do much when there is no united front and our players, if you say you are not going to play someone else will
“If you like write letters to the players association stating your complains you are on your own,’’ he said.

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