Prince Abayomi Ogunjimi also known as Bonfrere. He adopted the name Bonfrere because of his closeness to former Super Eagles and Olympic gold medal winning coach Bonfrere Jo. He is a graduate of Business Management of Lagos polytechnic, he's the President and the founder of the  famous Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club.

In an exclusive interview session with gentlemen of the press on Let's Gist Naija, a Whatsapp platform, Mr. Abayomi explained the challenges faced and will continue to grow as a recognised body in Nigeria Football and globally.

" I think our challenge, many more challenges, financial aspect is the number one and seriously the instrumentalists, the side attraction are also a major challenge, you know they have something to offer and you need to look for fund to put smiles on their faces before any match.

" Both locally and internationally, they don't pay any amount, we need to do that for them and the senior member of the club and executives, these are our challenges, but we did not allow that cut short our dream or affect the beautiful future we have designed for ourselves. "

Abayomi”, also stated that the club started with personal sponsorship, sold some properties to raise capital for the club and make all the members happy but Hon. Kunle Soname has really been the backbone also, helping us in critical situations to keep the dream alive.

" Soname has really been supportive to us, it's been an individual efforts with no sponsors but with Soname on our side, we’ve been able to achieve success. He’s a man who loves sport and the grassroots”, Abayomi said.

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The famous Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club have a world class Secretariat in Surulere - Lagos and is committed to ensuring that Nigeria gets maximum support at international events, the NGO is well recognized by Football stakeholders all over the world.

Furthermore, He explained that," I have been a member of the supporters club from the grassroots, I love supporters club and i have passion for it, I thought it was high time we go digital and put more ideas into it and get better, that was what gave birth to creating one that is going to be unique and represent the image of Nigerians home and abroad and to cheer various Nigerian National teams to Victory and it came as the Authentic Nigerian Football Supporters Club”

On why he decided to go with the name Authentic, he said " We need to distinguish ourselves, we needed to make a difference, Authentic is quite unique and we are not talking about any bad blood with any other, we wanted to be different and we do our things a different way with more of a foreign standard, Authentic is just kind of a symbol to differentiate and not in competition with anybody ”.

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