Lagos is the center of excellence, that grows a trend, that puzzled the mind, and leaves doubt about the future of the Nigerian youth.

The suburb areas with the Largest population density in Lagos, have youths roaming the streets, and thousand heavily indulged in the dream of playing professional football some day. A larger percentage of these youths have either dropped out completely from school or have stopped pursuing higher education.

Wale Akomolafe, a Nigerian-American who was on vacation for 4 weeks, decided to make a visit to Nigeria. Wale who attended High School in the early 2000s in Idimu suburbs, took time out during his visit to acclimatize a little with home, where he grew up.

 "My trip to Nigeria was triggered by a longing to see how fake the news about Nigeria is, because I did not want to believe everything I heard without proof. I wanted to be sure that it wasn't the media misrepresenting the country. One of the things I decided on was not to lodge in a hotel in the highbrow areas, but stay with my folks in order to get first hand information from the communities around." He said.

Wale, the CEO of an online radio ( in Texas United States, is sure that one step at a time, Nigeria can be built by Nigerians.

Soka by Titicy ( organized a conference in December 2018 where several thought leaders had the opportunity to meet with grassroots footballers, coaches, and school administrators in attendance. As one of the facilitators, Mr. Akomolafe, shared some thoughts on "Self-Education". Some other panelists of the round table conference are: Gospel Obele, C.E.O, Streetnomics (a regular pundit on Channels TV), Bernard Kalu, an Award Winning Documentary Photographer and Kelly King, a motivational speaker.

"Self Education is the way!! Do you know that some of the Most successful and wealthy people on earth either dropped out or did not attend a proper school? - Wale stated during his session.

"We are now in the era of Information where internet is the new Education, and for FREE!!!"

He further advised the young footballers who were in attendance, and were preparing to participate in season 1 of The Community Football League powered by Soka:

"The internet has billions of pages of information and an innumerable wealth of media resources that can help build a solid foundation for your future no matter your current age or background. There are millions of how-to books on every skill and branch of knowledge you can possibly think of.

"There are no more excuses for been ignorant or illiterate. You are your only limitation!!!"

Furthermore, last year's edition of football projects to kids undertaken by Soka, was supported by Wale  and his friends from around the United states and Nigeria. A feat highly lauded by Gabriel Elachi. Gabriel, a staff with online shopping mall Konga, who leads the football team from the Ketu Alapere community and also volunteers as team lead of Soka's recruitment initiatives stated:

"Wale is an Angel. A light source from Nigeria, shining in the United States. Shinning into the path of others, and bringing illumination to the confusion in the lives of the youths in our society."

Gabriel who still nurtures a secret dream to play professional football, won the award for both Player of the year and most innovative community leader of the year in 2018.

Seun David, the Coaching and Inclusion Project Officer of Soka stated: "In a way that is rare, Wale not only sees the deep rooted problems in Nigeria's political, social and economic landscape, but he also has great hope that the future is bright if we stand up for our right. His passion for Nigeria deserves recognition, and we at Soka are very grateful for his unflinching support of our cause in emancipating Nigerian youths in sport, from mental slavery."

During the last Independence day celebration, Soka reached schools with bespoke coaching, and physiotherapy training. Several professionals handled the various sessions at the Soccer Clinic.

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Dika Nwakalor, a sports physiotherapists from the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, who handled sessions on sports injury and how to avoid them stated in an interview with the Compere of the day McNiran: "I am very proud to be associated with Soka. This initiative is a source of hope for many of this kids who might be nurturing talents nobody is currently noticing. This clinic has given wings to their abilities and I am glad to be able to play a part in their future."

The Clinic created inclusion opportunities for children in schools who are seldom victims of stereotype decisions over their future ambition or career path, a move that seldom ignore the child's natural talents and giftings.

Female students participated, as this was an opportunity to escape and enjoy the beautiful game. One of them appeared in her football kit ready to dribble the boys.

A poll taken on that day, right in the presence of all school teachers in attendance, revealed that 85% of the whole clinic's attendees wanted to explore their talent in football. Whether these kids can sustain their inclusion and passion for Football as a career, to become the next big thing, time will tell.

The teachers were not left out as the clinic ended with a Novelty match between "Team Teachers" and "Team XPR". XPR is football team that is championing the drive for recreation and football inclusion amongst working class men. The goal is to stay active, healthy and fit, with football programs that reduce the risk of sedentary living.

The event was also supported by Bros D (The e-Carpenter), The XPR football team, House of Niran and powered by Titicy solutions.

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