Chairman Columbia Heartland Supporters Club,  Nkemakolam Ugwuegbula gave the charge while speaking in a chat with SportsFlame during the Naze Millionaires players opening screening excercise in Owerri.

"One good characteristics of The Working One is he can't be boss around, he is result driven as we have seen him do it with MFM FC of Lagos.

"He is one of the best coaches in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL). His pedigree speaks volume and he's dedicated and hard working."

Asked about the aims and objectives of Columbia, "The Supporters Club is self sustaining with its main aim, to drum support for our darling team to winning matches, even when the morale is low or high.

"We have our members all around  Nigeria and we converge at any stadium where Heartland is playing its NPFL or AITEO Cup matches.

"Further we are not violent nor encourage violence on and off the pitch as our members are responsible people in the society.

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Let me state clearly that nothing has happened to any team that has come here to win since we came on board, football is about you win, draw or lose.

"I also wish that our match officials will be more professional this season as some of them could be the reason why fans want to harass them. Such act is not always good for our football", he stressed.

His deputy, Ndubuisi Chukwu assured that the new coach will succeed but must not have an indiscipline player in his squad.

"You know some of our NPFL players can be stubborn and not professional off the pitch as they like going to parties and like womanizing, at the end it tells on their form.

"We'll help him monitor them as they live in our community and also communicate to him when we see such player taking part in such immoralities."

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