Uche Chinonso celebrate with team mates
Ekiti was an independent state prior to the British conquest. It was one of the many Yoruba states in what is today Nigeria. Ekiti State is a state in southwest Nigeria, created on October 1, 1996. 

It came as a big surprise when a poor young Ibo boy Uche Chinonso was saved by football in a Yoruba Land, the young boy could not further his education due to lack of funds and dropped out of school while in J.S.S 2 and all hope lost concerning his education, 

"Young Uche was discovered by Favom academy a year ago, through a grassroots football tournaments organized by Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State and was later invited for trials which he excelled without any further questioning. 

"Uche's exceptional football skills and knowledge of the round leather game made Phoenix Athletics Sports Club offered him academic Scholarship and would resume with Ekiti Baptist High School to complete his Secondary Education, 

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Speaking with the Owner of Phoenix Sports Club Bayo Olanlege why such magnanimous act, my heart bleeds when i found out he has dropped out of school because his parents who are petty traders could not afford his bills.

"My heart was broken when i ask the question, where is his School and what class is he? The answer saddens my heart for i was told he dropped out of School in J.S.S 2 due to lack of Fund and i said to myself Uche Chinonzo will resume at Ekiti Baptist High School with five others on our Scholarship scheme in September Gods willing, all bills paid, he enthused.

"He further said, i fell in love with 12 year old Uche when he lifted his team with a heart filled with hope, energy and vigor from hopeless situation. his team were 2 goals down and with 5 mins to go from glory to victory and we decided to get the kid covered on academics. 

Reckit B makers of Dettol has also got young uche covered on Sport which makes it double scholarship for the talented lad on Sport and Academics. As at the time of this reports all efforts to speak with the parents is still on going. 

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