Taiwo Kolapo
Taiwo Kolapo
The Ikeja Divisional Football Association has registered 10 clubs for this year’s edition of the Ikeja Divisional League, slated to kick off on June 30th.

Ikeja Divisional League has been at the forefront of fostering grassroots football development. Over the past 4 years, the Football Association has produce talents by  identifying, nurturing and grooming young football talents and inculcating  them in values of excellence and fair play.

The expectation is high and questions are been asked on how sensitivity the League will be to clubs that will participate in it and how well it will entertain fans.

The Chairman of Ikeja DFA, Evangelist Taiwo Kolapo disclosed that the League has so much to offer.

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Taiwo Kolapo
Taiwo Kolapo
“The league will equally play a valuable role in helping the players maintain their competitive edge, stay in peak physical condition, foster better relationships between the fans of the respective teams, provide a synergy for football development programmes, that will engage the youths and contribute to football artistry in the region”, Evangelist Taiwo stated.

The four edition see off ten teams who are expected to feature in the league are as follows: Star Lions FC, Amsterdam FC, Olusosun Utd Mighty Sparrows FC, Fackson Next Pro FC, Y.G FC, Dannaz FC New Generation FC, Black Haus FC, Orobo FC 


Star Lions FC vs  Amsterdam FC
Olusosun Utd vs Mighty Sparrows FC
Fackson Next Pro FC vs  Y.G FC
Danhaz FC vs New Generation FC
Black Haus FC vs Orobo FC

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